Ana be’koah


Ana be’koah framed designed by the israeli artist Shraga Landesman.

Ana B’koach [We beg thee with the strength (and greatness of thy right arm.)]
This liturgical poem is part of the morning prayers . It was written in the Middle Ages by Rabbi Nehunia ben Hakaneh. The poem is composed of seven lines with six words each. The initial letters of each word can be combined to make a name of 42 letters. According to Kabbalah, this is one of the names of G_d.
Ari-Hakadosh (Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi) of Tzfat wrote in his book that without this prayer, a person cannot advance to the next spiritual level. This is why the prayer should be said each morning. According to The Zohar, the words of “Ana B’koach” are the wings of angels, helping us to advance to the next level.

Catalogue Number: 207 Categories: , Tags: , , , , Materials: Framed element is brassSize: Frame size 20x26 cm, Framed element 95 mm. in diameter