Ner Tamid


The Eternal Candle is a memorial to the candelabrum that was in the Temple and was constantly lit.

I dedicate the design of the Eternal Candle to a special and interesting archaeological finding found in the mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue near Jericho.

The mosaic is decorated with a menorah, sacred vessels, and the inscription “Shalom to Israel”.

The Menorah and the holy vessels represent the Temple that was destroyed.
And the words “peace over Israel” express the yearning for unity and peace between the tribes of Israel.

The Eternal Candle is adorned with a round olive tree with twelve doves.
The eternal candle is made of brass with patina and gold-plated brass.

Catalogue Number: 706 Category: Tags: , , Materials: Patinated Brass, Gold plated Brass, 50 cm in diameter.