Bird Nest Candleholder


This Bird’s nest Candle Holder designed by the artist Shraga Landesman. From the
base, that shaped as a Pebble, rises a tall thin foot that represents the tree trunk.
At the top are two branches forming holders for the candles’ and a dove is perched
on the edge. The dove is an appropriate motif for Shabbat candles. Doves are
intensely loyal to each other. Together with their mate, they work together to build
a nest, that in this candle holder lying on the branch of the tree. This Candle Holder
Made of brass cast – which is sold exclusively only here! Size: 35 cm high *The price
mentioned is for a pair *This Candle Holder will be sent abroad only by express

Catalogue Number: 329A Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , , , , Materials: Brass castSize: 35 cm high