Doves – Seder plate


My Dove in the Depth of the Rock

On the Sabbath of Hol Hamoed Pessah we use to read in the synagogue the
Song of Songs,which,according to many commentators,
Is an allegory illustrating the relationship between the nation of Israel and their
God. In Midrash Raba we find a picturesque image referring to the verse “O
my dove that art in the depth of the rock in the secret

Places of the stairs,let me see thy countenance,let me hear thy voice…
( Song of Songs, 2/14 ).
Rabbi Ishmael teaches us the following; When the nation of Israel left Egypt,
what were they like? They resembled a dove fleeing from the hawk into a
crevice where it sees a nestling snake.It entered but could not go any further
because the snake was still nestling.It also culd not
Go back, because of the hawk outside.What did the dove do? It started
Screaming and flashing its wings so that the owner of the dovecote would
come and save it.This is what Israel looked like on the seashore
They could not go into the sea,because it was not yet split and they could not
go back because Pharaoh was getting close.What did they do? They
immediately appealed to God and Lord saved Israel that
day ( Exodus, 14/30 ).

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