‘Jeremiah’s prophecy’ necklace


‘Jeremiah’s prophecy’ necklace designed by the israeli artist Shraga Landesman.
The design and the story of this necklace comes by a spiral shape with a quote from Jeremiah's
prophecy inside a circle padent that hang on body by a silver chain.
I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth (Jeremiah 2:2, King James)
In Jeremiah’s first prophecy, I love the metaphor the prophet uses to describe the deepening
relationship between the partners who are living on memories of shared experiences from the
past. The spiral in this work describes the 40 years of wandering in the desert as a time of bonding, and
the 12 palm trees represent the 12 tribes.

Catalogue Number: 123 Categories: , Tags: , , , , Materials: Pendant Nickel silver,Chain Brass silver platedSize: Pendant 65 mm. in diameter. 70 cm Length of chain.