Pomegranate necklace


Pomegranate necklace designed by the israeli artist Shraga Landesman.
The design and the story of this necklace comes by a Pomegranate that contain
‘Aleph-Beit’, all the hebrew letters;
Pomegranate from aleph to taf (A to Z)
It is said that the Torah is as full as a pomegranate. Why did the sages choose the
pomegranate? Because in most types of fruit, there's a small space full of air. The
Torah, like the pomegranate, is so full of seeds there's not even a drop of air.
To illustrate this saying, I chose to fill the pomegranate with all the letters, from aleph
to taf, which are used to write the Torah.

Catalogue Number: 127 Categories: , Tags: , , , , Materials: Pendant Nickel silver,Chain Brass silver platedSize: Pendant 65 mm. in diameter. 70 cm Length of chain.