Kohelet necklace


Kohelet necklace by the israeli artist Shraga Landesman. The main design and the story of this necklace comes by a quote from the bible (“Cast thy bread upon the waters”) in a circle pendant that hang on body by a silver chain. “Cast thy bread upon the waters” (Ecclesiastes 11:1, King James); This is the advice of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes). We can interpret this advice literally, as throwing bread on the surface of the water so the fish become accustomed to approaching the shore. Then we can catch them. However, most interpretations teach us that Kohelet is advising us to do good deeds for others, without expecting anything in return.

Catalogue Number: 119 Categories: , Tags: , , , , Materials: Pendant Nickel silver,Chain Brass silver platedSize: Pendant 65 mm. in diameter. 70 cm Length of chain.