Modern Havdalla set


This modern Havdalla set is to your Saturday night table, As the
Sabbath departs, a touching ceremony takes place with wine, spices,
and a candle.  Made from anodised aluminium Sizes: Tray 20X18X2
cm. Besamim Box 10X10X3.3 cm Aluminum cup 8.5X6.8 cm Candle
Holder 11X9X7 cm. * The price mentioned is for the whole set. * Please
make sure you have selected the right set according to the number
indicated on each image.

Catalogue Number: HS5AL-GRBN Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , Materials: Aluminum, laser cut AluminumSize: Tray 20X18X2 cm, Besamim Box 10X10X3.3 cm, Cup 8.5X6.8 cm, Candle Holder11X9X7 cm