Nightingale Seder Plate


This Seder plate features an abstract nature motif with birdes and trees around
the perimeter and ibexes in the center. The Hebrew text around the perimeter is
taken from King Solomon’s Song of Songs: Hanitzavim niru ba’aretz; Et hazamir
higia (Buds have appeared on the land; the time of the nightingale has come)
(Song of Songs 2:12). For each of the six depressions in the plate for the six Seder
items, there is a white Porcelain dish. The plate stands on four legs. Size: 28×28 cm
*This seder plate will be sent abroad only by express delivery

Catalogue Number: 320WP Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , Materials: Aluminum cast, white Porcelain dishSize: 28x28 cm