Trees of Eden Menorah, Patinated


The Israeli artist ,Shraga Landesman, presents his work: The inspiration for my
work comes from several sources: the Bible, archaeological finds in Israel,
memories from childhood, and nature. We can see examples of these sources in
this ‘Trees Menorah’ or: ‘Garden of Eden’ Menorah. we see two trees: the tree of life
and the tree of knowledge. The antelope near the Tree of Life symbolizes the
material world. The bird by the Tree of Knowledge symbolizes the spiritual world.
The driving force behind this creation is the question as to why trees were created
on the sixth day, and not on the day the rest of the plants were created. In my
opinion, the answer lies in the text itself. The two verses dealing with the creation
of Man and the creation of trees on the sixth day are close together, and at the end
is written “to know good or bad”, which is, in fact, a major part of our lives. ‘Trees
Menorah’ made of Brass cast patinated. Size: 22 X 29 X10 cm. *This menorah will be
sent abroad only by express delivery

Catalogue Number: 307GR Categories: , Tags: , , , , Materials: Brass cast PatinatedSize: Size;22x29x10 cm